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  The invited case # 21 : Dr. Fred Barnett

Today our guest is Dr. Fred Barnett. Dr. Barnett received his DMD degree (1978) and Certificate in Endodontics (1981) from the University of Pennsylvania. He became Board Certified in 1986 and has served as the Director of Postdoctoral Endodontics at Penn until 1990. Dr. Barnett has published over 30 scientific and clinical papers and abstracts and has lectured in the US, South America and Europe. He currently teaches at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia and also has a private practice limited to Endodontics.

This time you can enjoy diferent cases performed by Dr. Barnett using calcium hydroxide.

(click on the images to enlarge)

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Please keep visiting this page as we are going to include new cases performed by Dr. Barnett.

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