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Apparatus and process for the parallel placement of osseointegrated cylindrical type implants: "The Gordils Device", by Antonio Gordils W. (page #2)

At the present time the technique that is being used for the parallel placement of multiple implants consists in the utilization of paralleling pins. This technique is in several situations very unpredictable because the surgeon relies on his ability to place the drill in relation to the pin.

Because of the need of placing the implants parallel to each other, we have deigned a device that substitutes the subjective visual guide for a mechanical dependable and reproducible guide (United States Patent # 5,741,133; April 21,1998).

The paralleling apparatus, named "The Gordils Device", consists of two components or members: The first member is a horizontal arm attached to the handpiece with a hinge that permits a movement of 180 degrees. The second member has a vertical pin that is placed in the bone during the paralleling procedure. Once the two members are joined, the handpiece will rotate freely 360 degrees.


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 Carlos Bóveda Z. March 1999