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Apparatus and process for the parallel placement of osseointegrated cylindrical type implants: "The Gordils Device", by Antonio Gordils W. (page #3)

Demonstration of "The Gordils Device" on a plastic jaw.

1.- A first perforation is made according to the surgical stent provided to the surgeon.

2.- The second member is inserted into this perforation.

3.- Second member in position. Note that this member is free to rotate 360 degrees.

4.- The handpiece with the first member will be attached to the second member.

5.- The first and second member are joined together.

6.- A second perforation is being drilled guided by the position of the second member in the first perforation.

7.- The handpiece can rotate freely and drill other perforations. An important feature of this device is that the operator is always able to manipulate the handpiece from a frontal position.

8.- Paralleling pins indicates perfect parallelism between each other.

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 Carlos Bóveda Z. March 1999